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Matthew Harwood Owner/ Founder
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Meet Our Awesome Salon Team:

Experienced & Compassionate Professionals

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Carolyn D.

Mgr. / Professional Groomer

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Professional Groomer

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Michelle S.

Professional Groomer

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Professional Groomer


The Groom Team Professionals

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Rachel Bernardo

Dogfather Groomer

Meet Rachel. Rachel was born and raised in Connecticut and has lived in many areas of the state. Currently, she resides in Meriden. She is a true animal lover and when the opportunity presented itself to work for The Dogfather, Rachel did not hesitate to jump on board!

Rachel loves meeting new dogs and is fascinated by their many personalities! Every animal she meets when grooming leaves her smiling!

Rachel has one puppy at home named Tucker as well as
three cats.

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Barbara Hillman Remillard

Dogfather Groomer

Meet Barbara! Barbara has been part of the Dogfather team since 2013. She was born in North Haven and previously lived in Wallingford. Currently, she resides in Meriden. Barbara has always had a love for animals. She had worked in the corporate world for over thirteen years and once she left, she knew she wanted to do something different. This is when she decided it would be extremely fulfilling working as a full-time pet groomer. Barbara headed straight to grooming school where she received her professional certificate in becoming a groomer. She was excited to get officially started!

Barbara values the daily interaction with the animals she encounters. She finds it not only rewarding, but fun. She is most proud of being able to learn all the different types of cuts for all the different breeds. She sees it as art and loves being able to witness the outcome of her accomplishments when completed. She loves her job and can’t imagine doing anything else.

Barbara’s home includes Blossom, an almost two-year-old Chihuahua, four cats – Scarlett, Jinx, Oliver and her newest addition, Felix! She also has a Chinchilla and two parakeets! At the end of her workday, Barbara really looks forward to spending time with all her beloved pets.

Ashley TenEyck

Dogfather Groomer

Meet Ashley! Ashley grew up in Meriden and has lived there her whole life. She has one brother who is four years younger whom she considers her best friend and loves more than anything in the world! Ashley is very family oriented. She comes from a beautiful and supportive family and enjoys spending time with them.

Ashley had been working at one of multiple jobs she has held over the years when she realized she wanted to do something different, something she had a passion for. While working as an Instructional Assistant, she realized she needed a change. Although she loved her job, she felt she needed to take a path that would continue to help her grow professionally. Ashley’s own family used The Dogfather and, in fact, were the ones who informed her that they were looking for new groomers! Before she knew it, she started with the business and has loved every minute of it. Ashley feels very fortunate to have found something she truly loves to do.

Ashley loves both seeing her regular clients and meeting new ones. She has developed such strong connections with her clients that she considers them her extended family. What she loves most about her day is seeing the dog’s reaction to the van when she arrives. She loves their excitement! After the grooming is complete, she is thrilled to see them feeling so happy and smelling great!

Ashley has a sweet pup at home named Gizmo who is seven years old. She adopted him in 2018 and could not imagine life without him. She also has a Beta fish named Bubbles.

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Cassidy Ticknor

Dogfather Groomer

Meet Cassidy! Cassidy was born in Milford and currently resides there. Aside from living in Florida for a few years during her childhood, she has spent most of her lifetime right here in Connecticut! Along with her parents, Chuck and Laurie and younger sister Alyssa, Cassidy also resides with her boyfriend…fellow groomer Christopher!

Cassidy graduated from Foran high school in 2013 and held various retail jobs. During this time, she always felt unfulfilled in her work and that something was missing. In her last job, when the company went out of business, Cassidy took the time to really think about what it was she wanted to do next and what she had a passion for. Soon thereafter, an opportunity presented itself with The Dogfather and she knew in her heart it was the perfect match for her!

Cassidy has always had a passion for all animals, so naturally she loves getting the opportunity each day to work closely with all different breeds of dogs and cats. She also enjoys being able to provide 'makeovers,” leaving each pet she grooms feeling fabulous and looking their best!

When she isn’t working, Cassidy enjoys playing video games, reading Manga and spending time with friends and family. She has three dogs, seven cats, a tortoise and a bearded dragon!

Stephanie Torres

Dogfather Groomer

Meet Stephanie! Stephanie was born and raised in New Haven. Approximately two years ago she moved to New Britain where she lives with her spouse and three beautiful stepchildren.

Stephanie worked in retail for about seven years before deciding she needed a change. She began working with a local doggie daycare and here is where she learned to groom. Once she started, she didn’t want to stop!

What Stephanie loves most about her job is being on the road and interacting with her various clients. She loves working for The Dogfather and looks forward to each day and wouldn’t change her job for the world.

At home, Stephanie has one dog named Giselle who is a two-year-old Pit mix and is an absolute sweetheart! She also has a snapping turtle which she rescued.
​His name is Snappy!

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Christopher Giaccone

Dogfather Groomer

Meet Chris! Chris currently lives in Milford. He was born in Trumbull, but has lived across Milford growing up - living near Gulf Beach, Woodmont, and most recently downtown! Chris loves everything about New England, from the serenity and rich history of the coastal and inland towns, to the beauty of the historic rivers and the wonderful state parks and forests – all the things that make Connecticut such a great place to live!

For as long as he has been old enough to work, Chris has always kept a job, and has been through a variety of different paths in the pursuit of happiness. These paths ranged from busing tables and running food at his first job to later food prep and delivery, then retail stocking and a two-year stint at a fantastic local pet store. He later entered an apprenticeship in the competitive HVAC field and found that he wanted a job truer to himself. Grooming dogs was his calling. For Chris, grooming, in many ways is more than "just a job". He has a strong passion for animals and the bonds humans form with them. It makes him very happy to be able to work with dogs and provide love and care for them while making their owners happy too! A "win win" situation!

What Chris loves most about his job is the opportunity to interact with and care for his client’s pets. He has an inherent love and respect for animals and when he has the chance to make them look and feel their best, it really is a rewarding experience. Standing by his work and being proud of how he can help dogs and meet owner’s needs is something that brings him a smile!

Like most people, Chris enjoys the simple things in his private time such as consuming the latest great Netflix show, reading and keeping up with an ever-growing knowledge of Connecticut’s coastal aquatic life through fishing! He is also a passionate basketball fan and you'll always find him rooting for the Boston Celtics!

Chris has seven cats at home - Charlie, Mr. Pib, Zelda, Fred, Sugar, Sage and Speent. He also has three dogs - Jackson, Bella and Casey. They are a Chow/Golden mix, a Jack Russell and a Collie/Golden mix respectively. In addition to these fur babies, he also cares for his bearded dragon Reggie and Russian tortoise Kiwi! He has a lot of experience with these animals and loves them more than anything else in the world!

Craig Sharpe

Dogfather Groomer

Meet Craig! Craig was born and raised in Milford. In addition to grooming, Craig also has a cattery. He began raising Persian and exotic shorthair cats approximately twelve years ago. His cats also show in CFA and TICA.

Craig enjoys grooming more than anything in the world and loves every minute of it since he became a professional groomer over 10 years ago. Craig feels that the best part of his job is meeting different animals every day and wouldn’t trade what he does for anything in
the world

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Ally McNeely

Dogfather Groomer

Meet Ally!

Ally was born and raised in Madison. Growing up in a very caring and hardworking family, dogs were always part of her household. Breeds she has grown up with have included Cocker Spaniels, German Sheppard/Rottweiler mixes and Chow/Husky mixes. Her current best furry friend is a Boston Terrier mix 

named Roxy.

Ally found her true love and passion for grooming while working in Clinton at a local pet store. She has always loved all animals, but this experience solidified it for her. She was trained on how to handle each dog and make every pet look their best! Now being mobile, being out on the road is very exciting for Ally. She loves her clients and truly takes pride in giving every pet the very best care. She feels that with every groom, she is able to bring out a pet’s true personality.

In addition to grooming, Ally also spends her time volunteering as a Firefighter with the Madison Hose Co. #1. When not working, she loves volunteering and spending time with Roxy whom she rescued from a high kill shelter located down south.

Another fun fact about Ally . . . is that she is also a talented snare drummer with the 

Deep River Fife and Drum Corps!

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Dogfather Groomer

Meet Michelle! Michelle grew up in Cromwell and currently resides there with her husband and two boys.

Michelle’s aunt was a groomer and as she watched her working, she sometimes helped her with bathing the animals. She was eventually taught how to groom and loved it instantly! What Michelle loves most about her job is that there is never a dull moment and she is always challenged. Also, who wouldn’t absolutely love working with loving animals every day?!

At home, Michelle has 2 dogs – a 12-year-old Puggle named Hennessy and a 5-year-old Shar Pei named Buddha.

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Dogfather Groomer

Meet Dianne! Dianne was born and raised in Meriden and currently resides there. She began her career in grooming back in high school where she began showing horses. She eventually began showing dogs as well.

 Dianne made her way to grooming school and after graduating, she was excited about her future and career in grooming. Dianne takes great pride in her work and loves being creative – she especially loves fun
 poodle cuts!

Dianne is a proud member of AKC’s Canine Good Citizen program and serves as a farm dog judge annually. At home she has 5 Boarder Collies and a Jack Russell Terrier. She also is the proud owner of 4 horses, 4 chickens, 3 cats 2 Bearded Dragons as well as several English Lop Rabbits whom she raises and shows!

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Dogfather Groomer

Meet Carolyn! Carolyn began her career in the grooming world as a brusher/bather. Within only 2 years, she was grooming most breeds. She loved her job so much that she eventually opened her own grooming shop! 

 Carolyn has a true passion for grooming and compares techniques used to sculpting a piece of art. She considers her clients family and looks forward to every day!

Carolyn has three dogs of her own: a senior Yorkie, a small Pitbull, who is currently in remission from Lymphoma, and a Papillon who is young and 

extremely active!

When not grooming, Carolyn loves spending time with her pets, camping and traveling.

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Dogfather Groomer

Meet Cristen! Cristen was born and raised in Connecticut, growing up in East Haven and has lived in many shoreline towns. Currently, she resides in Clinton with her husband and 2 daughters. 

 Cristen has always loved animals growing up, and one day decided to attend grooming school. In 2008, soon after graduating, she began working for Dogfather Mobile. In 2017, she decided to take a bit of a break to be a stay at home Mom and just recently decided to return! 

Cristen is very excited to be back. Her part-time status keeps her enjoying doing what she loves, while balancing her many Mom duties! Cristen loves many things about grooming, especially bringing pets back to their parents after a grooming and seeing the looks on their faces and being so happy with their fresh new smell. 

 She also enjoys the bond she has made with her clients. It is very rewarding. 

 Back at home, Cristen and her family have a 10-year-old Pomeranian, a hamster named Hammie and a fish tank full of fish! When not working, Cristen enjoys hiking, enjoying good food and listening to her dad’s band. She also recently just started playing guitar!



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