Hello I'm Matthew Harwood, owner and founder of

Dogfather Mobile Grooming!

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I was born and raised in Killingworth, Connecticut. My introduction into the grooming world started in 2005 when I adopted two loving poodles, Vader and Lulu. The love for these animals led me to then explore my talents in grooming. Soon I found that it became a natural ability.

Then made made way to grooming school where my success as a student paved the way for me to then become one of the school’s most valued facilitators! Matt what does that mean ?

This truly is the best job in the world! Spending my days working with many different kinds of animals I've come n to understand each and every breed. Whether it is understanding their unique qualities and sensitivities while grooming or using special techniques when removing matting, I always comes away feeling rewarded at the end of the day. I am a true animal lover and when I'm not working, I look to give his time and energy to wonderful animal causes.

I treat each and every animal with the utmost care and compassion. I pride myself most in being the voice for those animals I work with and expressing their each and every need to their respective owners. Unfortunately, Vader and Lulu both passed on in 2017, but they are forever in my heart and I know I will see them again one day at Rainbow Bridge.

I currently have several bullmastiffs – some of which have become the nation’s top dogs. Our awards are both extensive and well known in the dog show world. I am a working owner-groomer, and appreciative every day to do both something I love and feels so passionately about.

We have a wonderful team that all feel passionately about this business which makes for an exceptional company.

After 14 years as a Mobile Grooming company we have just opened an Pet Grooming Salon in Meriden. Feel free to stop by and please call for an appointment for our Spectacular Grooming Service.  

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