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Anyone who has ever owned a dog will tell you that keeping them clean can sometimes be a hassle. They drool on themselves, they eat things they aren’t supposed to, and they can smell – especially when they roll in something. Sometimes, however, the stench is less about your dog and more about a different animal – the dreaded skunk.
When your furry companion gets blasted by a creature that literally uses stench as self-defense, you won’t want to wait to wash your mutt down. But how do you get the smell out?
Don’t panic. Here are some considerations to get your pup back to normal.

De-skunking the Smell

1. Mix it Up A mixture of one quart of three percent hydrogen peroxide, a quarter cup cup baking soda, and one teaspoon liquid dish soap help to remove the skunk smell. Be sure to wear rubber gloves, and try to wash your dog as soon as possible after being sprayed. Rub the mixture in (avoiding the dog’s eyes and face) and let it sit for 20 minutes. Rinse and wash your dog with normal canine shampoo. You May have to perform this process multiple times. Note – do not store this mixture! It is potentially volatile.
2. Think Italian It’s a classic, but does it work? Try lathering your dog in normal shampoo, then dry him off without rinsing. Cover him in tomato juice (really, cover him) and let it set in for 20 minutes. Rinse and wash with normal dog shampoo. Again, you may have to do this step multiple times.
3. Skunk Shampoo Many companies offer specialty brands of anti-skunk shampoo. These may also require multiple washings, and can be expensive. Also, few are guaranteed to work.
4. Go with the Pros One of the best re-courses you have when your dog has been skunked is to contact a mobile groomer. Although the home remedies and advice suggested above might work out, they cannot match the thorough and comprehensive care that a professional groomer can provide. Groomers have the tools, the techniques, and the experience to properly address a skunking.
The added benefit of a mobile groomer is that they come to you. Why mess around with putting your smelly hound in your backseat and stinking up your car? Mobile groomers can take care of the skunk odors, and stop you from buying a thousand car air fresheners. Back to Better than Normal At the end of the day, giving your dog the best possible care should be your top priority, and no one can do that better than a groomer. Additionally, the services they provide can make your animal happier and improve their health too. So to get rid of the skunk smell and get your sweet-smelling pooch back, contact a mobile groomer today.

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