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Benefits of Grooming

Dog grooming provides many benefits. From a better smelling animal to improved pet health, getting your dog groomed can be the perfect addition to your dog care routine. It can also be the perfect treat for Fido. But with all the options out there, who do you choose? There’s every manner of specialty parlor, small business shop, and big business chain. All have their advantages and downsides, and all will benefit you and your hound.
One option you may be overlooking, however, and which can do all that the others can and more, is mobile dog grooming. What makes this option better than the rest? Read on to find out . . .
Less Stress for Owners… Mobile groomers eliminate the hassle for you. No more dragging your pet to the groomer’s salon – and no more driving there again when they are done. With a mobile groomer, there are no pick up or due times! The convenience of the groomer coming to you cannot be overstated. Since the groomers will be at your home, you’ll have more of an opportunity to explain the special needs of your animals. You’ll be able to communicate exactly what your dog needs, and give individualized instructions so your pet comes out exactly how he or she, and you, want. …and for Pets In addition to being better for you, mobile groomers are also better for your pets. For one, mobile grooming eliminates the need for caging. Similarly, there are no more stressful car rides to and from the facility. Instead, your dog or cat will feel right at home…at home. And it’s Healthier!
Mobile groomers clean their facilities after every visit, so your pet is always entering a sanitary environment. Additionally, since your pet won’t be around other animals, they won’t be exposed to germs from other pets. Make it Easy for Yourself There are many options for getting your pet groomed. While most establishments will do a great job, none can match the level of convenience and service as a mobile groomer. Next time your dog needs a trim, deep cleanse, or just a bath, make it easy for yourself (and your pet), and call a mobile groomer.

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